10th September 2021

Who is Gaby Karam

I don't find myself defined by who I am currently. I define myself by what I am looking to be.

Skills are teachable, and personality is inherent. My character is what separates me from others. I can chase awards, status, or gain accolades. I continue challenging myself, doing exciting things that matter, and write about them.

I'm the cumulation of many skills and talents. I enjoy working with clients who contribute to the social mission field, want to impact, become sustainable, and leave a mark. The value of my work is reflected in the impact I have on the communities that I join.

In a nutshell, I am a strong believer in the learn by teaching concepts and a technical artist 🧑‍💻🧑‍🎨. I am a full stack developer who strives to become a designer on my tech status.

I started my career in 2013 after watching a video from code.org on What Most Schools Don't Teach, and after that, I knew where to go in my career and personal hobby.

After that, I chose to go to university to study Computer Science not because I can't learn programming at the university, but because the situation in my country would force the person to grab a university degree just in case they want to emigrate from the country at some points.

Before starting my first job at the end of 2017, I had obtained a BS in Computer Science and a Full Stack Certificate from Codi Tech(Free Programming Bootcamp in Lebanon). At this point, I knew the following: a bit of Java, much of Laravel, a bit of WordPress, junior in JS, ES6, Express, React and Jquery.

My first title was Digital Producer and Developer, where I have been leading on client communication and development using WordPress(custom and theme bases). In my free time during the job, I used to mentor and help other junior developers who were passing the Full Stack web development course in Codi.

Because of my previous interest in mentoring others, I switched positions to become an assistant trainer at Codi Tech. I mentored two cohorts(~25) students each on the following tech skills: NodeJs, React, Laravel and a bit of WordPress; and other non-technical skills on communicating with clients, working as a team, training on implementing agile and a bit on grabbing freelance projects.

At the end of 2020, I resigned from Codi Tech to go and learn new skills in the market and uplift my current skills; at the start, I have tested my WordPress skills by applying to Codeable and becoming a Codable Expert Developer.

I am currently looking to expand my knowledge in the Jamstack, where I have already started to contribute to an open-source project that adds the capability of having Gutenberg blocks available inside the Graphql queries.

Happy Birthday WordPress

28th May 2022