21st December 2021

How I Would Explain WordPress To A 5 Years Old Kid

Let's say that you say that you are an expert in your field. Can you explain to others who don't know what you do? The best way to answer that question is to explain it to a five-year-old kid.

I think that the best way to answer that question is to try to explain it to a 5 years old kid.

As an Expert WordPress Developer, I would explain WordPress to 5 years old kid by taking a step back to think about what a five-year-old would already know.

Because what a kid knows differs from one region to another, I would like to start by assuming that the kid already had played with a game that uses interlocking plastic bricks(Lego).

You might ask why I would use the concept of a Lego, well it is because when WordPress started, Automatic(the company behind WordPress) was developing a tool for blog sites. Still, the community saw that they could build different types of websites, and WordPress has continually evolved since 2003 to be one of the best CMS, if not the best.

With WordPress, we have the same concept but for building pages on the internet. 

We can use different bricks(let us call them *plugins* or *components*) to either create a magazine for your parents to read or create a recipes page that your parents can use to make some delicious food for you or to create a toy store where your parents can buy you a gift for your next birthday.

Now, if we want to change the colours of the brick as we do with Lego, we can replace the brick colour and here, let's call this a theme.

Happy Birthday WordPress

28th May 2022